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selfWelcome! My name is Alissa Trevino. I have been an Art Teacher in Houston for nearly 15 years. As a teacher I value building relationships with my students and giving them an outlet for creative self expression. I teach my students that anyone can create art in a variety of ways while we explore new concepts and introduce new materials. 

I graduated from University of Houston with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art with a Minor in Art History. I teach all-level Art classes, AP Drawing and Painting, and AP Art History. 

You can view personal and student art projects by clicking on the ‘Art’ drop down menu. These projects were completed during my years of teaching as an art teacher.

In 2009, I was awarded a Fund for Teachers Grant and was able to travel to Japan to study woodblock printmaking. My full grant is available to read under ‘Other Personal Projects’. 

Thank you for visiting my site! (Not available for commission work.)

Feel free to contact me at alissadg@yahoo.com